Firm Overview

Property tax and assessment law is Relias & Tsonis' singular focus.

Our experienced staff is committed to advocating our clients’ interests and obtaining the lowest property tax assessments possible. Progressive thinking, unparalleled client advocacy and personal service are the hallmarks of the firm.


Relias & Tsonis, LLC maximizes the experience and skills of the two founding members: George J. Relias and Nikos D. Tsonis. Each partner brings unique experiences and strong legal backgrounds to the firm. The cornerstone of their practice is progressive thinking, client advocacy and personal service. Currently, the firm represents some of the largest property owners in the nation. It represents, advises and consults on a broad array of tax issues and property types. Through the ups and downs in in the real estate market Relias & Tsonis remain true to its core fundamentals.


Our staff is composed of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals with many years of experience. Our staff of seasoned attorneys, professionals and paralegals draws on their diverse backgrounds and broad experiences in real estate and law to advance arguments and theories overlooked by other practitioners. Our staff has experience in the private sector working at leading real estate organizations gaining valuable insight, knowledge and experience in property ownership, management and brokerage. This collective experience enables our team to evaluate, understand and implement tax saving strategies for any property type.


With a knowledgeable and experienced team, Relias & Tsonis provides unparalleled client advocacy. We take our fiduciary role as client advocates seriously. In fact, we only represent clients in tax appeal and assessment law matters. This single minded commitment guaranties our clients truly superior advocacy at all levels of administrative, appellate and judicial appeal.


As knowledgeable advocates, we develop and advance progressive/cutting edge theories that enable our clients to reduce their assessments and save taxes. Relias & Tsonis is a leader in advancing such concepts as tangible and intangible personal property, purchase price allocation, and business enterprise value segmentation. Relias & Tsonis is not only a practitioner in progressive appeal theories but a leader.


Just as each property is unique, so too is each client. Relias & Tsonis believe that each client is entitled to uncompromising personal service. We strive to anticipate our clients' needs and accommodate their unique situations. Furthermore, we are committed to timely communication with our clients on the progress of their appeals.